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Fall 2011
Astronomical Observing, Image Processing, and Analysis

2048x2048 CCD for VLT Focal Reducer/Low-Dispersion Spectrograph

Professor Karen B. Kwitter (
Office: 110 TPL
Office Hours: Monday 10-11 AM, and by appointment.
Phone: x 2272

Lab Instructor/Observatory Supervisor
Dr. Steven Souza (
Office: 117 TPL
Office Hours: by appointment.
Phone: x 3210

Class Meetings
Wednesdays, 1:10 - 3:50 PM in TPL 203 (I know, it's huge for us!)

Monday evenings, 7:00-9:30 PM in rooms 301/402 TPL

Wednesday is for lectures, discussion, and some computer work; Monday evenings are for observing, lab exercises, discussions, homework, computer work, etc. We will not all meet every Monday evening; some sessions will be informal, and some will be self-scheduled observing.

Texts & Other Resources
The text this term is "To Measure the Sky," by Fred Chromey, (Cambridge University Press). We will also be working with "Observing the Universe," edited by Andrew J. Norton (Cambridge University press), and "Handbook of CCD Astronomy," by Steve Howell, both of which will be on reserve in Schow. Finally, there will be occasional handouts or assignments for other reading.

There is a page of useful links on the Class Assignment page.


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