SOHO Observations

A SOHO eclipse page has been set up to summarize pertinent information, the requests to the SOHO community for joint observations, and the SOHO observing plans.
In order for SOHO to satisfy as many requests as possible, each party interested in joint observations is requested to drop me a line at before December 18, briefly summarizing the observing program and scientific goal.
A detailed program will be worked out later in consultation.
Information on the SOHO operations schedule can be found in the the SOHO calendar at:
Piet Martens
SOHO Science Operations Coordinator

SOHO dies

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) lost contact with Earth when undergoing a maneuver on June 24. Efforts are continuing to establish contact with the spacecraft, but hopes are diminishing that it will be recovered. There is still some hope that the problem comes from the solar panels being oriented away from the sun as the spacecraft spins, and that in some weeks they will be better oriented and that the spacecraft can be saved. Bulletins appear on the SOHO site. The spacecraft was launched on December 2, 1995, and has very successfully completed its primary two-year mission, but it has certainly been hoped that it would continue sending its high-quality data back to Earth through the solar maximum of 2000.


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