1973, Kenya

The team:
students: Dan Stinebring '76 Stuart Vogel '75 Dan Muzyka '75 Don Cooke '75
collaborators: Donald H. Menzel (Harvard), Phil Schierer (Tektronix)
sponsors: National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society, Research Corporation
The path of the 1973 eclipse across Africa. Durations are marked.
We observed from Loiengalani, on the shore of Lake Rudolf (now Lake Turkaana)

Jay Pasachoff in Agadez, Niger, pre-eclipse. The >7 min totality was deemed too difficult to get to, and the team went to Kenya for the event.
Stu Vogel '75 and Phil Schierer with teachers and a student from the mission school.
Stu Vogel adjusting a telescope mount.
Jay Pasachoff with Chris and Genevieve Cerf
Jay Pasachoff with El Molo tribespeople from the other side of Lake Rudolf.
Dan Stinebring '76, Stu Vogel '75, and Jay Pasachoff with students from the mission school.
Jay Pasachoff with students from the mission school; the lake is in the background
Students from the mission school practicing looking at the Sun through suitable filters.
Jay Pasachoff and students from the mission school
Jay Pasachoff observing safe observing techniques to students from the mission school.
Stu Vogel '75 practicing with a camera.
Dan Muzyka '75 and Phil Schierer adjusting a coelostat.
Children at the Loiengalani mission school.
Post-eclipse travel: hippos.
A local Samburu/Baragoi tribesperson
A local Samburu/Baragoi tribesperson.
The view over our observing hut during totality.

Diamond ring effect.
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