2002, Ceduna, Australia

The team:

students: David Ticehurst '03, Kristen Shapiro '03, Davy Stevenson '04, Sarah Croft '04, Lissa Ong '04, Galen Thorp '04, Jesse Dill '04, Paul Crittenden '03, Terry-Ann Suer '05, Kamen Kozarev '05, John BackusMayes '05
alumnus: Rob Wittenmyer '98
colleagues: Jay Pasachoff, Bryce Babcock, Steve Souza, Lee Hawkins, Steve Martin, Raymond Smartt, Robert Lucas.
Sydney Opera House, on our one day en route to Ceduna.
Sign in the middle of Ceduna, South Australia.
Sign at the edge of Ceduna.
At our eclipse site on eclipse day.
Phyllis and Bryce Babcock in Adelaide, after the eclipse.
Our equipment was behind a fence, to provide security and a windbreak.
Diamond ring.
Diamond ring. (Williams College Expedition)
Totality. (Photo by Jay M. Pasachoff, Williams College Expedition)
Diamond ring. (Photo by Jay M. Pasachoff, Williams College Expedition)
Totality. (Williams College Expedition)