• Faculty advisor for the SMALL REU program for Configuration Spaces (2003), Computational Cartography (2004), Particle Collisions (2007), Discrete Geometry (2008), Geometric Origami (2011), and Phylogenetics (2012).

  • Thesis students have included Brian Li (Williams, 2012), Rahul Shah (Williams, 2009), Ezra Winston (Bard, 2009), Trubee Davison (Williams, 2008), Katie Baldiga (Williams, 2007), Colin Carroll (Williams, 2007), Tomio Ueda (Williams, 2006), John Mugno (Williams, 2005), Eric Engler (Williams, 2004), and Jake Tawney (Ohio State, 2001).

  • Designed and taught courses on Phylogenetics, Visualization, Computational Geometry, Geometric Modeling (cross-listed with Studio Art), Geometric Group Theory, the Mural (cross-listed with Studio Art), Low-dimensional Topology, Lessons in Go (cross-listed with Asian Studies), and Riemannian Geometry.