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  Social Psychology

Social Psychology 10e.
Kassin, Fein, & Markus (2017).
Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

  Society for Personality and Social Psychology
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This course examines the theories, research, and applications of social psychology. The material will cover four general topics: (1) Social Influence, how we affect and are affected by the presence and behavior of others; (2) Social Perception, how we think about ourselves, other individuals, and groups; (3) Social Relations, how people interrelate as strangers, acquaintances, friends, & lovers; and (4) Social Applications, the uses of social psychology to understand real-world phenomena in the areas of law, business, and health.

Specific topics to be covered include: self-awareness, self-esteem., self-deception, the power of first impressions, nonverbal communication, stereotypes and prejudice, interpersonal attraction, love and romantic relationships, altruism, aggression, conformity, obedience, persuasion and propaganda, leadership, and group behavior and decision-making. Throughout the course, these topics will be discussed as they inform us about human behavior in domains such as politics, sports, entertainment, health, education, business, advertising, and law.

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