2016 WSP Special Project (99)

99 Financing: There are no college funds to support 99 projects other than those provided to financial aid students. Reimbursements are provided between 10-100% of the proposed costs, no more than $500, based on the student's level of financial need. Students receive notification of the percentage of their eligibility in late September.

ONLY students on the official Financial Aid roster may apply for financial support.

Student First Name:

Student Last Name:

Class Year:

Student ID Number: W

Email Address

Dept. Subject Prefix 099

Title of 099

Faculty Sponsor email:

(Include departure and arrival dates and destinations. Explain purpose of travel if not explained in project description.)


Please list your estimated expenses and any explanatory, or supporting, statements you deem appropriate. Please include individual item costs in addition to total expenses. Include only books and materials you must purchase. Do not include the cost of materials which would normally be paid by the sponsoring department.  If your project includes a field trip or transportation to and from your destination (not your home), costs for travel should be included.  It is assumed that any food costs will be covered by a board rebate from Dining Services, which will be credited to your student account.  Room costs will not be covered.

Books and Materials: $ Specify:

Airfare: $ Specify:

Ground Transportation: $ Specify (include miles if you are driving by car):

Activity Fees: $ Specify:

Other: $ Specify:

Total: $

Students will receive grant funding between 10% - 100% of their approved costs, up to a maximum of $500. Approved costs will not include room, board, or travel to and from your home because Williams has already calculated aid for these expenses in your annual award.  You will be notified by the Office of Financial Aid in late-November regarding the amount of funding you have been awarded.

After you hit "submit," print out a copy and send it ALONG WITH YOUR 99 PROJECT PROPOSAL to your faculty sponsor by Thursday, October 1st.  Applications submitted after this date will not be given consideration for financial assistance.

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