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Course Submission Form


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1a. Course Prefix: (e.g., ENGL, MUS, etc.)

1b. Course Number

1c. Check this box if the course is a Tutorial.

1d. Semester offered :

1e. Divisional credit: (See curriculum for more details)

2a. Course title:

2b. 30 character title for transcript

3. If the course should be cross-listed, please give us the name of the department(s) and pertinent course number(s) under which it should also be listed (### for unknown numbers)

4. Is the course?

Writing Intensive (Note: the enrollment limit for Writing Intensive courses is 19) (see requirements for more details)

Quantitative and Formal Reasoning (see requirements for more details)

Exploring Diversity (see requirements for more details)

5. Course description (use brackets { } around italicized text):

6a. Course format: (e.g., seminar, lecture, tutorial, etc.)

6b. Will the course have a scheduled conference?

6c. Will the course have a scheduled lab?

7. Requirements/method of evaluation for the course: (note: maximum characters is 254)

8. Prerequisites:

9a. Does the course have an enrollment limit:
b. If yes, what is the limit?
(if it is writing-intensive, cap is 19; tutorial: cap is 10)
c. Explanation of enrollment limit or lack thereof:
( info is for CEP; will not be included in description that students see)

10. Expected enrollment:

11. Who gets preference for admission to the course if it is oversubscribed?

12. If it is necessary for a student to submit an application to be included in this course, please specify how that application is handled (e.g., is there a form available online?)

13. Will a student be allowed to take this course on a pass/fail basis?  

14. The spirit of the Gaudino Option is that all courses will be open to the G-option except in special situations in which the instructor deems it necessary to make an exception. Will a student be allowed to designate this course as a Gaudino Option?  

15. Full name of instructor:

16. Class hour(s) (optional--departments may not have determined times yet):

17. Please list any departmental attributes that the course should have.

18a. Is this a NEW, SUBSTANTIALLY REVISED or a PREVIOUSLY DISCONTINUED course? (Note: if a course is revised to the point where a student who took it in the past could take it again, please select "new" instead of "substantially revised.")

18b. If it is revised, please briefly describe what's changed. For example, is it a new course number, new title, new description, newly designated writing-intensive, etc.?

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