AMST 100(S) Politics and Freedom (Same as Political Science 100S)

AMST 124(S) Exemplary Lives (Same as English 124)

AMST 133(F) The Frontier in American Literature and Film (Same as English 133)+

AMST 135 African-American Literary Lives (Same as English 135)+*

AMST 201(F,S) Introduction to American Studies

AMST 202(S) American Studies in Practice

AMST 209(F) American Literature: Origins to 1865 (Same as English 209)

AMST 210(S) American Literature: 1865-Present (Same as English 210)

AMST 211 Topics in African-American Performance: Theatre, Film and Dance of the Harlem Renaissance (Same as Theatre 211) (Not offered 2000-2001)*

AMST 218(F) Introduction to U.S. Latina and Latino Writing (Same as English 218)*

AMST 220(S) Introduction to African-American Writing (Same as English 220)*

AMST 246(S) Cultural Encounters in the American West (Same as History 368) (Not offered 2000-2001)*

AMST 250(F) Introduction to U.S. Latino Studies (Same as History 286)*

AMST 259(F) History of American Photography (Same as ArtH 259)

AMST 302(S) Junior Seminar in American Studies: American Minstrelsy (Same as Theatre 321)*

AMST 304(S) U.S. Masculinity and Its Others (Same as African-American Studies 302 and Women's and Gender Studies 304)*

AMST 320 Adolescence in America (Same as History 376) (Not offered 2000-2001)

AMST 332 Fugitive Identities: Slavery and the Boundaries of American Politics (Same as Political Science 332) (Not offered 2000-2001; to be offered 2001-2002)*

AMST 338 Literature of the American Renaissance (Same as English 338)

AMST 346 Women of Color in the U.S.: Public and Private Cultures (Same as English 346 and Women's and Gender Studies 346) (Not offered 2000-2001; to be offered 2001-2002)*

AMST 358(S) Black Heroes in American Literature (Same as English 358)*

AMST 364(S) Imagining Urban America, Three Case Studies: Boston, Chicago, and L.A. (Same as History 466)

AMST 367(F) Treacherous Terrain: Asian American Literary and Cultural Production (Same as English 367)*

AMST 368T The Politics and Rhetoric of Exclusion: Immigration and Its Discontents (Same as History 488T) (Not offered 2000-2001)+

AMST 381(F) Old New Technologies (Same as ArtS 381)

AMST 386(S) Asian American Women's Writing (Same as English 386)*

AMST 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

AMST 403(F) Senior Seminar in American Studies: Notions of Race and Ethnicity in American Culture (Same as History 469)*

AMST 405 Automobiles and American Civilization (Same as Environmental Studies 405) (Not offered 2000-2001)

AMST 491(F)-W030, W030-492(S) Senior Honors Project

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