Leadership Studies Website

Chair, Professor GEORGE R. GOETHALS

Advisory Committee: Professors: ART, BUCKY, COOK***, DUNN, G. GOETHALS, S. GRAVER, HOPPIN, JACKALL**, PASACHOFF, WOOD. Associate Professors: BURGER, CHRISTENSEN, ROSENHEIM. Assistant Professors: MCALLISTER*, REEVES**. Lecturers: ENGEL, MATHEWS§§.

Leadership Studies explores the phenomena of leadership from a wide range of historical, cultural, organizational and intellectual domains. Questions about leadership are pursued in the curricular cluster described below, and through visits with guest leaders in classes, conferences and lectures, and at informal social occasions. There are ample opportunities for students to become involved with leaders who are Williams College alumni and, through several experiential courses, to develop their leadership skills and apply them to socially constructive ends.

The interdisciplinary nature of the cluster courses allows individuals to study leadership within contexts most suited to their major area of study. Each course challenges the individual to acknowledge the complex social, psychological, ethical, and aesthetic issues facing leaders of many kinds. The recommended curriculum entails completion of two cluster courses, two Leadership Studies Electives, and EXPR 402, Topics in Leadership. Leadership Studies Winter Study courses can be substituted for either cluster courses or electives. Students may pursue a contract major in Leadership Studies if desired.

Cluster courses were designed especially for Leadership Studies and place a strong emphasis on leadership issues, while electives are courses from a range of departments or programs that consider some aspect of leadership in a particular domain. EXPR 402 allows students to develop an independent project that explores in depth one of the many facets of leadership.

Interested students should contact the Chair of Leadership Studies to discuss their curricular goals. Students should also note that due to the interdisciplinary nature of Leadership Studies, many of the courses carry the prefix EXPR.

Cluster Courses

  1. ANSO 352 Following the Leader: Charisma, Tradition and Bureaucracy Jackall
  2. ArtH 351 The Modern Art World:
    The Challenge of Leadership in the Midst of Chaos Mathews
  3. English/American Studies 124 Exemplary Lives Kleiner and Rosenheim
  4. English 378 The Artist in Society S. Graver
  5. French 212 Sister Revolutions in France and America Dunn
  6. History 475 (formerly 356) Modern Warfare and Military Leadership Wood
  7. Political Science 218 Presidential Politics Cook
  8. Psychology 342 Psychology of Leadership G. Goethals

Leadership Studies Electives

  1. Economics 208 Modern Corporate Industry Bradburd
  2. Environmental Studies 302 Environmental Planning and Analysis Workshop Art and R. Bolton
  3. History 114 (formerly 110) The Mao Cult Reeves
  4. History 372 (formerly 313) The Rise of American Business R. Dalzell
  5. History 382 (formerly 318) The Black Radical Tradition in America Wilder
  6. History 438 (formerly 353) Nazi Germany Kohut
  7. History 456 (formerly 360) Civil War and Reconstruction Dew
  8. History 475 (formerly 356) Modern Warfare and Military Leadership Wood
  9. Music 137 Great Conductors/Great Orchestras K. C. Roberts
  10. Philosophy 101 Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy Kojen, White
  11. Political Science 213 Theory and Practice of Civil Rights Protest A. Willingham
  12. Political Science 230 American Political Thought Reinhardt
  13. Political Science 310/Psychology 345 Political Psychology Marcus
  14. Political Science 344 Rebels and Revolution in Latin America Mahon
  15. Religion 211 Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity Buell

Leadership Studies Winter Study Courses

  1. EXPR 010 Corporate Leadership and Social Responsibility G. Goethals and Kennedy
  2. EXPR/Astronomy 011 Leadership in Astronomy: From Copernicus to
    Hubble and the Age of the Universe Pasachoff
  3. EXPR/Political Science 012 The Roosevelt Century Burns and Dunn
  4. EXPR 013 Managing Non-Profits: An Insider's Look Czerniak and Lipp
  5. EXPR 018 Wilderness Leadership Lewis
  6. EXPR/Geosciences/Political Science 019 Service Learning C. Johnson and Karabinos
  7. EXPR 025 Williams in Washington: Leadership in Our Nation's Capitol Carlson and O'Doherty
  8. EXPR/Political Science 021 Public Affairs Internships: Power, Authority and
    Decisionmaking in the Public Sector Consolini and C. Johnson