LIT 107(F) Greek Literature (Same as Classics 101)

LIT 108(F) Roman Literature (Same as Classics 101)

LIT 111 Introduction to Cultural Studies: Traveling Fictions-Encountering the Other Through Tourism, Time Travel, Exile (Not offered 2000-2001)

LIT 112(S) Introduction to Cultural Studies: Adultery and the Fallen Woman

LIT 202(F) Literary Genres: The Nature of Narrative (Same as English 203

LIT 203(S) Literary Movements: European Modernism: Modernity and Its Discontents

LIT 205(S) Literature and Theory: Literature and Psychoanalysis

LIT 215(F) The Latin-American Novel in Translation (Same as Spanish 205)*

LIT 217(F) Issues in Literary and Cultural Theory: The Fashioning of Fashion: Theory and Practice (Same as French 215)

LIT 219(F) Reading the Hebrew Bible (Same as Classics 201 and Religion 201)

LIT 223 Greek and Roman Drama (Same as Classics 103 and Theatre 311) (Not offered 2000-2001; to be offered 2001-2002)

LIT 234 Post-Mao Literature and Culture (Same as Chinese 234) (Not offered 2000-2001)*

LIT 275 China's Greatest Novel (Same as Chinese 275) (Not offered 2000-2001)*

LIT 312(S) Inventing the Renaissance (Same as English 312)

LIT 317 Dante (Same as English 304) (Not offered 2000-2001; to be offered 2001-2002)

LIT 391(F) Kafka and His Descendants (Same as English 391)

LIT 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

LIT 402(S) The Ordeal of Freedom

LIT 493(F)-W031, W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

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