THEA 100(F) Introduction to Theatre

THEA 101(F) Plays, Directors, Theories

THEA 102(S) Introduction to Technical Theatre

THEA 201(F) The Design Response

THEA 203(S) Interpretation and Performance I

THEA 204(F) Interpretation and Performance II

THEA 205(F) The Culture of Carnival*

THEA 210(S) Multicultural Performance*

THEA 211 Topics in African-American Performance: Theatre, Film and Dance of the Harlem Renaissance (Same as American Studies 211) (Not offered 2000-2001)*

THEA 213T Paul Robeson: Visible Man (Not offered 2000-2001)*+

THEA 214(S) Possession: Identity, Critical Consciousness, and Writing for Performance

THEA 301(F) Junior Seminar in Dramaturgy

THEA 302 Scenic Design (Not offered 2000-2001)

THEA 303 Stage Lighting (Not offered 2000-2001)

THEA 305 Costume Design (Not offered 2000-2001)

THEA 306 Advanced Acting (Not offered 2000-2001)

THEA 307(F) Stage Direction

THEA 308 Directing Workshop (Not offered 2000-2001)

THEA 311 Greek and Roman Drama (Same as Classics 103and Literary Studies 223) (Not offered 2000-2001; to be offered 2001-2002)

THEA 312(F) Modern Drama (Same as English 202)

THEA 313(S) Studies in Dramatic Literature: Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter (Same as English 365)

THEA 314(F) Queer Worldmaking in Literature, Film and Performance (Same as English 369)*

THEA 316(S) Tragedy and Dramatic Theory (Same as English 224)+

THEA 321(S) American Minstrelsy (Same as American Studies 302)*

THEA 322T(S) Performance Criticism+

THEA 323(F) Theatre of Images

THEA 324(S) Theatre for the Ear: Telling Stories Through Sound

THEA 326T(S) The Moving Image and Performance Style (Same as ArtS 382T)

THEA 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

THEA 401(F) Seminar for Senior Majors

THEA 491(F), 492(S) Senior Production

THEA 493(F), 494(S) Senior Thesis

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