Courses designated as "writing-intensive"-those with a plus symbol (+) following the course title-stress the process of learning to write effectively. Such courses include a substantial amount of writing (cumulatively, at least 20 pages), usually divided into several discrete assignments. Normally, one or more of these assignments are returned to students for revision and resubmission. Instructors pay close attention to matters of punctuation, grammar, style, and the construction of arguments when assigning grades to written assignments, and these issues are further pursued in class discussions and individual meetings. Writing-intensive courses offered in 2000-2001:

American Studies 127(F) The Harlem Renaissance (Same as English 127)+*

American Studies 133(F) The Frontier in American Literature and Film (Same as English 133)+

ArtH 301(F) Methods of Art History+

Economics 362(S) Global Competitive Strategies+

Economics 401(F) Senior Seminar+

English 105(F) Poetry and Magic+

English 113(F) "Literary" Reading+

English 114(F) The Art of Memory+

English 123(F) Contemporary American Short Fiction+

English 124(S) Exemplary Lives (Same as American Studies 124)+

English 125(F,S) After The Tempest+

English 126(S) Stupidity and Intelligence+

English 127(F) The Harlem Renaissance (Same as American Studies 127)+*

English 131(F) Writing Short Fiction; Writing about Short Fiction+

English 133(F) The Frontier in American Literature and Film (Same as American Studies 133)+

English 150(F) Expository Writing+

English 150(S) Expository Writing+

English 222(F) Studies in the Lyric+

English 224(S) Tragedy and Dramatic Theory (Same as Theatre 316)+

English 225(F) Romanticism and Modernism+

English 226(S) Irish Revivals+

English 230(S) Introduction to Literary Theory+

Geosciences 105(F) Geology Outdoors+

Geosciences 302(S) Sedimentation+

History 487T(F) (formerly 374T) The Second World War: Origins, Course, Outcomes, and Meaning+

Music 122(F) African-American Music*+

Music 130(S) History of Jazz*+

Music 230(S) Seminar in Caribbean Music*+

Philosophy 101(F,S) Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy+

Philosophy 102(F,S) Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology+

Philosophy 201(S) Continental Philosophy: From Hegel to Poststructuralism+

Physics 402T(S) Applications of Quantum Mechanics+

Physics 411T(F) Classical Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics+

Political Science 101(F) (Section 02) Seminar: Moral and Political Reasoning+

Political Science 331T(S) Non-Profit Organization and Community Change+

Psychology 316(F) Clinical Neuroscience+

Psychology 354T(F) Social Interaction and Psychopathology+

Religion 270T(S) Father Abraham: The First Patriarch+

Sociology 103(F) Behind the Rhetoric of Race: Race, Ethnicity and Public Policy+

Spanish 105(F) Advanced Composition and Conversation+

Spanish 301(S) Cervantes's Don Quijote+

Spanish 402(S) Studies in Modern Latin-American Literature*+

Theatre 316(S) Tragedy and Dramatic Theory (Same as English 224)+

Theatre 322T(S) Performance Criticism+

Women's and Gender Studies 402(S) The Personal and the Political: Confessional Narrative and Feminist Politics+