WIOX 211 Art History: English Architecture 1660-1720

WIOX 215 Biology: Plant and Microbial Biology

WIOX 216 Biology: Evolution and Systematics

WIOX 221 Economics: British Economic History since 1870

WIOX 222 Economics: International Economics

WIOX 223 Economics: Command and Transitional Economies

WIOX 224 Economics: Economics of Developing Countries

WIOX 230 English: The History, Use and Theory of the English Language

WIOX 231 English: English Literature from 1509-1642

WIOX 232 English: English Literature from 1642-1740

WIOX 233 English: English Literature from 1740-1832

WIOX 234 English: English Literature from 1832-1900

WIOX 235 English: Special Authors

WIOX 236 The English Novel

WIOX 237 English: Drama

WIOX 245 Geography: The Geographical Environment: Physical

WIOX 246 Geography: The Geographical Environment: Human

WIOX 247 Geography: The United Kingdom and France

WIOX 251 History: History of the British Isles 1330-1550

WIOX 252 History: History of the British Isles: 1500-1700

WIOX 253 History: History of the British Isles: 1685-1830

WIOX 255 History: India, 1916-1934: Indigenous Politics and Imperial Control

WIOX 261 Philosophy: The History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant

WIOX 262 Philosophy: Ethics

WIOX 263 Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind

WIOX 264 Philosophy: Philosophy of Science and Social Sciences

WIOX 265 Philosophy: Philosophy of Language

WIOX 266 Philosophy: Metaphysics and Theory of Knowledge

WIOX 267 Philosophy: Philosophical Authorities

WIOX 268 Philosophy of Religion

WIOX 269 Philosophy: Theory of Politics

WIOX 271 Political Science: Modern British Government and Politics

WIOX 272 Political Science: Soviet and Post-Soviet Government and Politics

WIOX 273 Political Science: Classical Political Thought up to 1800

WIOX 274 Political Science: Foundations of Modern Social and Political Thought

WIOX 275 Political Science: International Relations

WIOX 281 Psychology: Developmental Psychology

WIOX 282 Psychology: Social Psychology

WIOX 290 Specially Arranged Subjects

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