Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


REL 101(F,S) Introduction to Religion

REL 209(F) American Jewish History: From New Amsterdam to Williams College (Same as History 374 and American Studies 213)~

REL 213(F) Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospels (Same as History 323)

REL 304(F) From Hermeneutics to Post-coloniality*

REL 308T(F) Imagining "Religion" (Same as Anthropology 308T)

REL 493(F)-W031; W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

REL 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study


REL 101(F,S) Introduction to Religion

REL 216(S) Church, State, and Society in the Middle Ages (AD 200-1500) (Same as History 225)

REL 225(S) Religion and Popular Culture in America (Same as Sociology 225 and American Studies 225)~

REL 242(S) Buddhism: Concepts and Practices*

REL 276(S) Grounding the Sacred: Religious and Ecology in the United States (Same as American Studies 276 and Environmental Studies 276)

REL 290(S) Heidegger and Levinas

REL 306(S) Feminist Approaches to Religion (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 282)

REL 342(S) Science and Religious Experience (Same as Physics 342 and INTR 342)

REL 402(S) Issues in the Study of Religion

REL 493(F)-W031; W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

REL 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study


REL 201 Reading the Hebrew Bible (Same as Classics 201 and Comparative Literature 201) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 203 Introduction to Judaism (Same as Classics 203) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 206 Judaism and the Critique of Modernity (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 207 Biblical Interpretation in Classical Antiquity (Same as Classics 207 and Comparative Literature 207) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 208 The Hellenistic World and the Emergence of Rabbinic Judaism (Same as Classics 208) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 210 Reading Jesus, Writing Gospels: Christian Origins in Context (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 211 Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 212 The Development of Christianity: 30-600 C.E. (Same as History 324) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 215 The First Crusade (Same as History 425) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 221 American Religious History (Same as History 373) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 222 "The God of History": Slavery and Race in Christian Thought (Same as History 180) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 226 African-American Religious History (Same as History 381) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 231 The Origins of Islam: God, Empire and Apocalypse (Same as History 309) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 232 Women and Islam (Same as History 309) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 233 Islamic Mysticism: The Sufis (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 234 Religion and Revolution in Iran (Same as History 409) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 241 Hinduism: Construction of a Tradition (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 243 Buddhist Philosophy (Same as Philosophy 243) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 244 Knowledge and Reality in Indian Thought (Same as Philosophy 238)

REL 245 Tibetan Civilization (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 270T Father Abraham: The First Patriarch (Not offered 2001-2002)+

REL 273 Sacred Geographies (Same as Anthropology 273 and INTR 273) (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 274 Women's Religious Experiences in the Ancient Mediterranean World (Same as Classics 274) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 277 Apocalypses: Varieties of Millennial Discourse (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 281 Atheism, Theism and Existentialism (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 284 Imitating God: Wisdom and Virtue in Jewish Thought (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 288 Monasteries, Yeshivas, and other Universities: Religion and the Nature of Education (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 289 Cyberscapes (Same as ArtH 268, ArtS 212 and INTR 242) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 291 Religion and the Ethic of Deconstruction: a Cross-cultural Perspective (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 294 Philosophy of Religion: Faith and Reason (Same as Philosophy 242) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 301 Psychology of Religion (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 302 Religion and Society (Not offered 2001-2002)*

REL 313 Appearance/Reality (Same as INTR 313 and Philosophy 313) (Not offered 2001-2002)

REL 314 Complexity (Same as INTR 314 and Philosophy 354) (Not offered 2001-2002)