Courses designated as "writing-intensive"-those with a plus symbol (+) following the course title-stress the process of learning to write effectively. Such courses include a substantial amount of writing (cumulatively, at least 20 pages), usually divided into several discrete assignments. Normally, one or more of these assignments are returned to students for revision and resubmission. Instructors pay close attention to matters of punctuation, grammar, style, and the construction of arguments when assigning grades to written assignments, and these issues are further pursued in class discussions and individual meetings. Writing-intensive courses offered in 2001-2002:

AMST 111(F) Television Culture (Same as English 111)+

AMST 135(F) African-American Literary Lives (Same as English 135)+*

ANTH 328T(S) (formerly ANSO 328) Emotions and the Self*+

BIOL 402T(S) Current Topics in Ecology (Same as Environmental Studies 404T)+

COMP 111(F) (formerly LIT 202) The Nature of Narrative (Same as English 120)+

COMP 112(S) Modernity and Madness (Same as English 141)+

COMP 211(F) Voyages of Discovery (Same as English 223)+

COMP 212(S) Wonder (Same as English 232)+

COMP 240(S) Introduction to Literary Theory (Same as English 230)+

COMP 303(S) Cervantes' Don Quixote (Same as English 306 and Spanish 303)+

ECON 362(S) Global Competitive Strategies+

ECON 401(F) Senior Seminar+

ENGL 105(F) Poetry and Magic+

ENGL 111(F) Television Culture (Same as American Studies 111)+

ENGL 113(F) "Literary" Reading+~

ENGL 120(F)(formerly 203) The Nature of Narrative (Same as Comparative Literature 111)+

ENGL 126(F) Stupidity and Intelligence+

ENGL 134(F) New American Fiction+

ENGL 135(F) African-American Literary Lives (Same as American Studies 135)+*

ENGL 140(S) Writing the Environment+

ENGL 141(S) Modernity and Madness (Same as Comparative Literature 112)+

ENGL 142(S) Radio, Radio+~

ENGL 150(F) Expository Writing+

ENGL 150(S) Expository Writing+

ENGL 205(F) The Art of Poetry+

ENGL 222(F) Studies in the Lyric+

ENGL 223(F) Voyages of Discovery (Same as Comparative Literature 211)+

ENGL 225(S) Romanticism and Modernism+

ENGL 228(F) Augustan and Modernist Satire+

ENGL 230(S) Introduction to Literary Theory (Same as Comparative Literature 240)+

ENGL 232(S) Wonder (Same as Comparative Literature 212)+

ENGL 306(S) Cervantes' Don Quixote (Same as Comparative Literature 303 and Spanish 303)+

ENGL 319T(S) Shakespeare in Love (Same as Theatre 319T)+

ENGL 323T(S) A Novel Education+

ENGL 383T(F) Tutorial in Memoir+

ENVI 404T(S) Current Topics in Ecology (Same as Biology 402T)+

FRS 101(F) "Literary" Reading+~

GEOS 105(F) Geology Outdoors+

GEOS 302(S) Sedimentation+

HIST 140(S) Fin-de Siecle Russia: Cultural Splendor, Imperial Decay+

HIST 480T(S) (formerly 370T) Western Political Thought in Transition+

HIST 487T(F) (formerly 374T) The Second World War: Origins, Course, Outcomes, and Meaning+

MUS 116(S) Music in Modernism+

MUS 130(S) History of Jazz*+

PHIL 101(F,S) Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy+

PHIL 102(F,S) Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology+

PHIL 201(S) Continental Philosophy: From Hegel to Post-Structuralism+

PHIL 208(F) The Philosophy of Education: Moral Autobiography+~

PHYS 405T(F) Electromagnetic Theory+

PSCI 101(F) (Section 04) Activism+

PSCI 213(S) Theory and Practice of Civil Rights Protest*+

PSCI 349T(F) Cuba and the United States*+

PSYC 316T(S) Clinical Neuroscience+

RLSP 105(F) Advanced Composition and Conversation+

RLSP 106(S) Advanced Composition and Conversation

RLSP 203(F) Major Latin American Authors: 1880 to the Present*+

RLSP 303(S) Cervantes' Don Quixote (Same as Comparative Literature 303 and English 306)+

RLSP 402(S) Studies in Modern Latin-American Literature*+

THEA 319T(S) Shakespeare in Love (Same as English 319T)+