The Williams Program in Teaching is designed to address two goals:

1) To enable Williams undergraduates to study the ideas, questions, and practices involved in good teaching, and to earn certification to teach in public schools.

2) To promote and facilitate an exchange of ideas about teachers, learners and schools, within and beyond the Williams campus.

In order to meet the first goal, we have embarked on a partnership with our neighboring college, MCLA, long devoted to the preparation of schoolteachers. Williams students interested in earning certification must talk to the Director of the Program in Teaching (Susan Engel, x4522), in order to discuss how to meet the requirements of this program.

In broad outline:

In addition to choosing and fulfilling requirements for a Liberal Arts major, students seeking certification must also take the following courses some time during their four years:
-Psychology 334 The Psychology of Education,
-a 30-hour prepracticum in teaching,
-a course on reading in a specific content area,
-a course on classroom management, and
-a course on adolescent development.
-a course on instruction and curriculum.
(Several of these requirements can be met during winter study.)

Students must also make a formal application to the MCLA teaching program (this is easily done with the guidance of their advisor and Susan Engel). Acceptance into this entitles them to enroll for a required post-BA semester at MCLA, during which time they will fulfill the supervised teaching practicum necessary to earn certification.

In addition, students who want to study teaching and possibly pursue a career in teaching, but not seek certification, should contact Susan Engel to find out more about student teaching options, regular semester courses, winter study opportunities and special events sponsored by the Program of Teaching.