Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


HIST 112(F) The Mao Cult (W)*

HIST 124(F) The Vikings (W)

HIST 152(F) "New Worlds for All": European-Indian Encounters in Colonial North America (W)*

HIST 159(F) The Origins of the Cold War (W)

HIST 165(F) The Quest for Racial Justice in Twentieth-Century America (W)*

HIST 203(F) Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1800*

HIST 211(F) The Greater Game? Central Asia and its Neighbors Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Same as African and Middle-Eastern Studies 201 and Religion 236)*

HIST 212(F) (formerly 283) Barbarians in the Middle Kingdom: China to 1850*

HIST 225(F) The Middle Ages (Same as Religion 216)

HIST 227(F) Europe's Long Nineteenth Century

HIST 252A(F) British Colonial America and the United States to 1877*

HIST 252B(F) (formerly 243) America From San Gabriel to Gettysburg, 1492-1865

HIST 270(F) American Politics From Poulism to the Present

HIST 286(F) Latino/a History From 1846 to the Present*

HIST 292(F) Technology and Culture (Same as History of Science 305 and Environmental Studies 315)

HIST 301B(F) Autobiography as History: An American Character?

HIST 311(F) Women in the Middle East (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 311)*

HIST 320(F) Pacific War Experiene in Japanese Literature and Film (Same as Asian Studies 211 and Comparative Literature 211)

HIST 329(F) From Church United to Europe Divided: The Early Modern European Reformations, 1450-1617

HIST 352(F,S) (formerly 255) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Same as American Maritime Studies 201) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.)

HIST 383(F) The History of Black Women in America: From Slavery to the Present (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 383)*

HIST 386(F) Latinas in the Global Economy: Work, Migration, and Households (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 386)*

HIST 402T(F) African Political Thought (Same as African and Middle Eastern Studies 402T)*

HIST 435(F) A Comparative History of the First World War

HIST 440(F) Reform, Revolution, Terror: Russia, 1900-1939 (W)

HIST 456(F) (formerly 360) Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 493(F) Senior Thesis Research/Writing Seminar

HIST 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study


HIST 135(S) The Great War, 1914-1918 (W)

HIST 148(S) (formerly 102) The Mexican Revolution: 1910 to NAFTA (W)*

HIST 164(S) Slavery in the American South (W)*

HIST 213(S) (formerly 284) Modern China, 1800-Present: Continuity and Change*

HIST 222(S) (formerly 216) Greek History (Same as Classics 222)

HIST 226(S) (formerly 205) Europe From Reformation to Revolution: 1500-1815

HIST 228(S) (formerly 209) Europe in the Twentieth Century

HIST 230(S) Modern European Jewish History, 1789-1948

HIST 240(S) (formerly 232) Muscovy and the Russian Empire

HIST 243(S) Modern Latin America, 1822 to the Present*

HIST 253(S) (formerly 244) The United States From Appomattox to AOL, 1865-Present

HIST 282(S) (formerly 262) African-American History From Reconstruction to the Present*

HIST 293(S) History of Medicine (Same as History of Science 320)

HIST 301E(S) Barbarians, Saints, and Emperors: The Fall of Rome Reconsidered (W)

HIST 301G(S) Westward Expansion in American History

HIST 304(S) South Africa and Apartheid*

HIST 308(S) Gender and Society in Modern Africa (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 308)*

HIST 313(S) (formerly 345) Women in Chinese History (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 313)*

HIST 321(S) The Politics of Collective Memory of World War II in Asia and Europe (Same as Asian Studies 212 and Comparative Literature 210)

HIST 324(S) (formerly 212) The Development of Christianity: 30-600 C.E. (Same as Religion 212)

HIST 328(S) Sixteenth-Century European Intellectual History: Excavating the Early Modern Self

HIST 332(S) Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe

HIST 337(S) Ideology and Politics in Europe 1900-1939

HIST 338(S) The History of the Holocaust

HIST 352(F,S) (formerly 255) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Same as American Maritime Studies 201) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.)

HIST 364(S) (formerly 311) History of the Old South*

HIST 371(S) American Environmental Politics (Same as Environmental Studies 371)

HIST 372(S) (formerly 313) The Rise of American Business

HIST 377(S) Women and Religion in American History (Same as Religion 377 and Women's and Gender Studies 377)

HIST 387(S) Community Building and Social Movements in Latino/a History (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 387)*

HIST 392(S) Comparative Slavery: The Origins and Development of North American and Caribbean Slavery*

HIST 408(S) The Modernization Dilemma and the Construction of Modernities in the Middle East and Central Asia*

HIST 425(S) The First Crusade (Same as Religion 215) (W)

HIST 452(S) Comparative Colonialism: The European Empires of North America, 1500-1800*

HIST 466(S) (formerly 364) Imagining Urban America, Three Case Studies: Boston, Chicago, and L.A. (Same as American Studies 364)

HIST 494(S) Senior Thesis

HIST 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study


HIST 102 (formerly 116) Environmental History of Africa (Same as Environmental Studies 102) (Not offered 2002-2003) (W)*

HIST 127 (formerly 105) The Expansion of Europe (Not offered 2002-2003)(W)

HIST 129 (formerly 107) Religion, Race, and Gender in the Age of the French Revolution (Not offered 2002-2003) (W)*

HIST 140 Fin-de Siecle Russia: Cultural Splendor, Imperial Decay (Not offered 2002-2003) (W)

HIST 157 The Great Depression: Culture, Society, and Politics in the 1930s (W) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 177 Vroom!-A Nation on Wheels (Not offered 2002-2003)(W)

HIST 202 (formerly 270) Early-African History Through the Era of the Slave Trade (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 209 (formerly 275) The Origins of Islam: God, Empire, and Apocalypse (Same as Religion 231) (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 223 (formerly 218) Roman History (Same as Classics 223) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 229 (formerly 222) European Imperialism: The Conquest and Division of the World (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 234 (formerly 230) Britain, 1688-1848 (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 235 Britain Since 1848 (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 241 (formerly 233) The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 242 (formerly 287) Latin America From Conquest to Independence (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 249 (formerly 225) The Caribbean From Slavery to Independence: A Comparison of Empires (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 281 (formerly 261) African-American History Through Emancipation (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 301A History, Theory, Practice (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 301D Is History Eurocentric? (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 301 Gender and History (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 309 (formerly 278) Women and Islam (Same as Religion 232) (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 322 (formerly 239) Women in Greece and Rome (Same as Classics 239) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 325 Charlemagne and the Formation of Europe (Not offered 2002-2003)(W)

HIST 326 War in European History (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 327 Knighthood and Chivalry (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 330 The Social History of Ideas: Enlightenment and Revolution (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 331 (formerly 307) The French and Haitian Revolutions (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 335 (formerly 316) Class, Gender, and Race in Post-1945 Britain (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 342 Creating Nations and Nationalism in Latin America (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 343 (formerly 328) Gender and History in Latin America (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 344 (formerly 305) Latin-American Revolutions and the United States (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 346 (formerly314) History of Modern Brazil, 1822 to the Present (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 357 The Rise of American Conservatism (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 358 (formerly 242) "The Good War": World War II and American Culture and Society (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 365 (formerly 312) History of the New South (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 368 (formerly 246) Cultural Encounters in the American West (Same as American Studies 246) (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 370 (formerly 308) Studies in American Social Change (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 378 (formerly 344) History of Sexuality in America (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 344) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 379 (formerly 324) Women in the United States Since 1870 (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 324) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 380 (formerly 227) Comparative American Immigration History (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 384 (formerly 331) Comparative Asian-American History, 1850-1965 (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 385 (formerly 332) Contemporary Issues in Recent Asian-American History, 1965-Present (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 394 (formerly 346) Comparative Masculinities: Britain and the United States Since 1800 (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 409 (formerly 363) Religion and Revolution in Iran (Same as Religion 234) (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 414 The Other Chinas: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 441 Gorbachev and the Collapse of Soviet Communism (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 443 (formerly 355) Slavery, Race and Ethnicity in Latin America (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 467 Black Urban Life and Culture (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 470 (formerly 358) The Chinese-American Experience* (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 471 Comparative Latino/a Migrations (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 472 (formerly 351) Slavery, Capitalism, and Revolution: The Impact of the New World on Europe, 1700-1900 (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 473 (formerly 362) Stuff (Not offered 2002-2003)*

HIST 474 The History of Oil (Same as Environmental Studies 474) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 475 (formerly 356) Modern Warfare and Military Leadership (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 487T (formerly 374T) The Second World War: Origins, Course, Outcomes, and Meaning (Not offered 2002-2003) (W)

HIST 488T (formerly 368T) The Politics and Rhetoric of Exclusion: Immigration and Its Discontents (Same as American Studies 368T) (Not offered 2002-2003) (W)

HIST 489 History and the Body (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 489T) (W) (Not offered 2002-2003)

HIST 490T (formerly 350T) History, Nostalgia, and the Politics of Collective Memory (Not offered 2002-2003)(W)