Leadership Studies Website


Chair, Professor GEORGE R. GOETHALS

Advisory Committee: Professors: ART, BUCKY, DUNN, GOETHALS, HOPPIN, JACKALL, K. LEE, PASACHOFF, WOOD**. Associate Professors: MAHON***, ROSENHEIM*. Assistant Professors: MCALLISTER, REEVES. Lecturer: ENGEL.

Leadership Studies is the exploration of the many facets of leadership in its many domains. The discipline studies the ways people in groups respond to leaders or emerging leaders-often in a context of conflict between different visions put forth by competing potential leaders. It examines how interactions between leaders and followers move groups to make decisions and take actions that define and advance their personal values and goals. Leadership Studies, like leadership itself, is as much concerned with followers and "followership" as it is with leaders. Importantly, it includes the consideration of the ethical issues raised by the exercise of power, authority, and leadership.

Leadership Studies explores leader behavior and group decision and action at many levels-from small groups such as a family or team to much larger collectives such as nations or even groups of nations. It considers these issues in many historical, cultural, and institutional contexts, and in many domains, including organizations, politics, the arts, sciences, business, mass culture, athletics, religion, public policy and international cooperation.

To complete the recommended curriculum, students must complete the sequence outlined below (6 courses total). Students interested in developing a contract major in Leadership Studies should consult the chair of the department.

[ ] Courses not offered in 2002-2003 are listed in brackets.

One course on ethical issues related to leadership:

  1. Philosophy 101 Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy
  2. Political Science 203 Introduction to Political Theory

One or both mid-sequence courses, designed to focus on issues in leadership:

  1. [Political Science 324 Leadership and Cooperation in World Politics]
  2. Psychology 342 Psychology of Leadership

One core course dealing with specific facets or domains of leadership, if only one mid-sequence course is taken:

  1. [English/American Studies 124 Exemplary Lives]
  2. [French 212 Sister Revolutions in France and America]
  3. [History 475 Modern Warfare and Military Leadership]
  4. [Music 137 Great Conductors/Great Orchestras (Deleted 2002-2003)]
  5. Political Science 218 Presidential Politics
  6. [Sociology 280 Leadership and Legitimacy]
  7. Sociology 387 Propaganda

One elective dealing in significant part with leadership, or a total of three mid-sequence or core courses:

  1. Environmental Studies 302 Environmental Planning and Analysis Workshop
  2. History 112 The Mao Cult
  3. History 372 The Rise of American Business
  4. History 382 The Black Radical Tradition in America (Deleted 2002-2003)
  5. History 456 Civil War and Reconstruction
  6. History of Science 224 Scientific Revolutions: 1543-1927
  7. [Political Science 213 Theory and Practice of Civil Rights Protest]
  8. [Political Science 230 American Political Thought]
  9. Political Science 262 America and the Cold War
  10. [Political Science 310/Psychology 345 Political Psychology]
  11. [Political Science 344 Rebels and Revolutions in Latin America]
  12. Political Science 362 The Vietnam War
  13. [Religion 211 Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity]
  14. [Women's and Gender Studies 306 Practicing Feminism]

INTR 402(S) Domains of Leadership

One Leadership Studies Winter Study course (listed separately in the catalogue)