Please see page for summary information about Experiential Education at Williams. A complete description of each course listed below may be found in the relevant department's section of this catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about a specific course involving experiential education from the instructor.


American Studies 201(F) Introduction to American Studies

American Studies 310(S) Latino Cityscapes: Mapping Place, Community and Latinidad in U.S. Urban Centers

ArtH 201(F) American Landscape History

ArtH 308(S) Three Cities

ArtS 313T(S) Art of the Public

Biology 231(F,S) Marine Ecology (Williams/Mystic Program)

Classics 103(S) Greek and Roman Drama: Renewal and Transformation

English 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea (Williams/Mystic Program)

Environmental Studies 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science

Environmental Studies 302(F) Environmental Planning Workshop

Environmental Studies 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Williams/Mystic Program)

Geosciences 210(F,S) Oceanographic Processes (Williams/Mystic Program)

History 352(F,S) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Williams/Mystic Program)

INTR 307/ArtS 311/Political Science 301 Art and Justice

Physics 109(F) Sound, Light and Perception

Political Economy 402(S) Political Economy of Public Policy Issues

Political Science/Women's and Gender Studies 306 (S) Practicing Feminism: A Study of Political Activism

Psychology 352(S) Clinical and Community Psychology


ANSO 011 Berkshire Farm Internship

ArtH/ArtS/Chemistry 015 Materials of the Artist: Uncovering Fakes and Forgeries

Anthropology/Chemistry 025 Archaeological Excavation at the Paleolithic site of Attiranpakkan

Environmental Studies/Special 018 Picturing Our Past

Environmental Studies/Biology 017 New England Forest

Environmental Studies/Geosciences 025 Mapping a Caribbean Fringing Reef Complex

Political Science 021 Power, Authority and Decisionmaking in Organizations

Psychology 012 Play

Russian/Special 025 Williams in Georgia

Sociology 021 Williams in New York

Special 019 Medical Apprenticeship

Special 024 Eye Care and Culture In Caribbean Nicaragua

Special 027 Teaching and Writing at Theodore Roosevelt High School

Special 028 Teaching Practicum, the Bronx and Manhattan

Special 029 Junior High School Teaching Practicum, the Bronx and Manhattan

Special 034 The Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

Special 036 Teaching Practicum: St. Aloysius School in Harlem

Special 037 To Face Suffering