Advisory Committee: Professors: BELL-VILLADA, M. F. BROWN, MAHON. Associate Professors: FOIAS, WHALEN. Assistant Professors: FRENCH, JOTTAR, KITTLESON.

Although Williams does not have a formal concentration in Latin-American Studies, the College offers a wide range of courses that explore the history, languages, and cultures of Iberoamerica. Students who are interested in Latin America are encouraged to develop proficiency in Spanish through the courses offered by the Department of Romance Languages. The following courses expose students to the central themes of Latin-American history and to the region's contributions to the contemporary world.

Concepts Courses

Anthropology 101 The Scope of Anthropology

Economics 204/Environmental Studies 234 Economic Development in Poor Countries

Recommended Core Course in Latin-American Studies

Spanish 200 Latin-American Civilizations (Conducted in Spanish)

Latin-American History and Culture

Anthropology 215 The Secrets of Ancient Peru: Archaeology of South America

Anthropology 216 Native Peoples of Latin America

Anthropology 217 Mesoamerican Civilizations

Comparative Literature/American Studies 256 Literature of the Americas: Dialogues in Historical Perspective

History 148 The Mexico Revolution: 1910 to NAFTA

History 242 Latin America From Conquest to Independence

History 243 Modern Latin America, 1822 to the Present

History 249 The Caribbean From Slavery to Independence

History 343 Gender and History in Latin America

History 344 Latin-American Revolutions and the United States

History 346 History of Modern Brazil

History/Women's and Gender Studies 386 Latinas in the Global Economy: Work, Migration, and Households

History/Women's and Gender Studies 387 Community Building and Social Movements in Latino/a History

History 443 Slavery, Race, and Ethnicity in Latin America

Political Science 222 The United States and Latin America

Political Science 246 Mexican Politics

Political Science 249 Latin-American Politics

Political Science 349T Cuba and the United States

Spanish 203 Major Latin-American Authors: 1880 to the Present

Spanish/Comparative Literature 205 The Latin-American Novel in Translation

Spanish 219 Humor in Spanish-American Literature

Spanish 306T/Comparative Literature 302T Latino Writing: Literature by U.S. Hispanics

Spanish 403 Hispanic Literature

Theatre /American Studies 330 The Aesthetics of Resistance: Contemporary Latino/a-American Theatre and Performance

Theatre/American Studies 331 Sound and Movement in the Afro-Latin Diaspora

Study Abroad

Students interested in Latin America are encouraged to pursue junior-year programs in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and elsewhere in Central and South America. The College's foreign study program in Madrid also offers exposure to courses in Latin-American literature and history.

Contract Majors

In consultation with members of the advisory committee, exceptionally qualified students may develop a Contract Major in Latin-American Studies.