A description of the tutorial program, and information about how tutorials operate, may be found on page of this catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about particular tutorials from the course descriptions and the instructors.

American Maritime Studies
AMS/ENGL 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea
Bercaw Edwards (fall), TBA (spring)

Anthropology and Sociology
ANTH 247T(S)/
REL 247T(S) Saints and Sainthood (W) Just

ARTH 330T(S) Michelangelo: Biography, Mythology, and the History of Art (W) Solum
ARTS 313T(S) Art of the Public Diggs
ARTS 317T(F) The Miniature Levin
ARTS 418T(S) Senior Tutorial Takenaga

ASTR 412T(S) Solar Physics (W) Pasachoff

BIOL 206T(S) Genomics (W) Raymond
BIOL 402T(S)/
ENVI 404T(S) Topics in Ecology: Biological Resources (W) Art

CHEM 262T(S)/ Applying the Scientific Method to
ANTH 262T(S) Archaeology and Paleoanthropology (W) Skinner

Computer Science
CSCI 337T(S) Digital Design and Modern Architecture (Q) Bailey

ECON 357T(S) The Strange Economics of College (W) Schaprio
ECON 375T(S) Speculative Attacks and Currency Crises (W) Montiel
ECON 401T(F) Senior Seminar-Economics of Community Development S. Sheppard

ENGL 215T(F) Poetry and the City (Gateway) (W) Sokolsky
ENGL 217T(F) Shakespearean Comedy (W) R. Bell
ENGL 340T(S)/
WGST 335T(S) Fiction of Virginia Woolf (W) Case
ENGL 352T(S) Cut (W) Rosenheim
ENGL 387T(S) Film Genres (W) Tifft

Environmental Studies
ENVI 270T(S)/
PSCI 270T(S) Environmental Policy (W) K. Lee

GEOS 218T(S)/
ENVI 218T(S) The Carbon Cycle (W) Stoll
GEOS 253T(F)/
ENVI 253T(F) Coral Reefs (W) Cox
GEOS 404T(S) Geology of the Appalachians (W) Karabinos

HIST 135T(S) The Great War, 1914-1918 (W) Wood
HIST 402T(S)/
AMES 402T(S) African Political Thought (W)* Mutongi
HIST 482T(S) From Angkor to the Killing Fields: The History of Cambodia*(W) Reeves
HIST 486T(F) Historical Memory of the Pacific War*(W) Maruko

MATH 211T(S) Mathematical Reasoning and Linear Algebra (Q) Silva
MATH 251T(F) Introduction to Mathematical Proof and Argumentation (Q) Burger
MATH 335T(F)/
BIOL 235T(F) Biological Modeling with Differential Equations (Q) S. Johnson

MUS 203T(F) Composition I Miksch
MUS 204T(S) Composition II Kechley
MUS 232T(S) Latin Music USA (W)* E. D. Brown

PHIL 271T(S)/
WGST 271T(S) Woman as "Other" (W) Sawicki
PHIL 286T(F) Conceptions of Human Nature (W) Mladenovic
PHIL 379T(S)/
AMST 379T(S) American Pragmatism (W) Gerrard
PHIL 390T(F) Truth (W) A. White

PHYS 405T(F) Electromagnetic Theory (Q) S. Bolton

Political Science
PSCI 198T(S) The Democratic Deficit (W) Shanks
PSCI 305T(F) The Challenges of Knowing: The Holocaust Marcus
PSCI 349T(F) Cuba and the United States (W)* Mahon

PSYC 316T(S) Clinical Neuroscience P. Solomon

REL 270T(S) Father Abraham: The First Patriarch (W) Darrow
REL 305T(F) Haunted: Ghosts in the Study of Religion (W) Buell

RLSP 308T(S)/
COMP 308T(S) The Other Cervantes (W) Rouhi

RUSS 210T(S)/
COMP 210T(S) Tolstoy: The Major Novels (W) Cassiday