ANTH 219(F) The Art and Archaeology of Maya Civilization: A Marriage Made in Xibalba (Same as ArtH 209)*

The ancient Maya civilization was one of the most sophisticated and complex cultures of prehispanic Central America. Its complex calendrics, astronomy, mathematics and hieroglyphic writing system are well known worldwide. The course will examine the trajectory and nature of ancient Maya civilization from the combined perspectives of art history and archaeology. The evolution of the Maya state during the Preclassic period (1000 B.C.-A.D. 250) will be evaluated by looking at the rich archaeological evidence and at the Preclassic art styles. The Classic Maya civilization (A.D. 250-1000) will then be presented through a detailed survey of the archaeology and art of this period. Finally, the collapse of Classic Maya civilization and its transformation and endurance during the Postclassic period and under Spanish rule (A.D. 1000-1600) will be critically evaluated through a detailed review of the archaeological and iconographic evidence. Format: lecture/discussion. Requirements: midterm and final exams, research paper. No prerequisites, but an introductory Art History or Anthropology course highly recommended.