ARTH 101(F)-102(S) Introduction to Western Art History

An historical survey of Western architecture, sculpture, and painting, concentrating on a limited number of major works from key periods. Training in visual analysis is emphasized, so that the student can learn to understand the ideas conveyed in works of art. Architecture and sculpture studied in the first semester, painting in the second semester. Format: lecture/conference. Requirements: two 2- to 3-page papers each semester, each analyzing a college building or one or two original works of art from the collections of the Williams College Museum of Art and the Clark Art Institute; six short quizzes; participation in conference discussions; hour test; and a final exam. ArtH 101-102 cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis; however, the course may be audited. Students who have audited ArtH 101-102 lectures on a registered basis may enroll in any Art History course at the 200 or 300 level. Both semesters of the course must be taken on a graded basis to receive credit for either semester.

Open to first-year students.

Hour: First Semester: E. J. JOHNSON Second Semester: GRUDIN