ARTS 100(F,S) Drawing I

The process of drawing develops a heightened awareness of the visual world. Your subjective experiences and your objective experiences combine to form a larger perceptual understanding of the environment in which you live. Drawing allows you an alternative use of these processes and provides a format for stating what you know about the world. Drawing is an excellent means for improving your skills in observing, seeing distinctions, and creating new meanings from your perceptions. This is an introductory course which will investigate the properties of making an image on the two-dimensional page. While drawing is an essential basis for much of the artmaking process, its use is not limited to artists. Design, illustration, engineering, and science are among the many fields which incorporate drawing. There are three to five sections of ArtS 100 offered each semester. Although individual faculty members teaching beginning drawing do not follow a common syllabus, they share common goals. Syllabi for each section are available from the secretary's office in the W. L. S. Spencer Art Building. Evaluation will be based primarily on the quality and quantity of work produced as well as some attention to the student's progress. Lab fee. No prerequisites. Enrollment limit: 20. Preference given to Art majors and first-year students. This course cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Hour: First Semester: LEVIN, GLIER, JACKSON Second Semester: EPPING, JACKSON, LEVIN