ARTS 255(S) Photographic Time and Space

An introduction to the practice of photography with an emphasis on the vision that is unique to the camera: the particular manner in which three-dimensional reality is rendered on the two dimensional, light-sensitive plane. The course will concentrate on the study and creation of imagery which is dependent on the specificity of photographic vision. Students will receive instruction on the workings of a 4x5 view camera, of a 35mm camera (both provided by the department), development of black and white film and basic printing technique. Students will be asked to respond to a series of assignments. A substantial amount of lab time, in addition to the class meetings, is necessary to complete these assignments. Students' works are evaluated individually and in class critiques throughout the semester. Evaluation will be based on the level of formal and technical competence of the portfolio as well as the conceptual strength and sophistication of the work completed. Lab fee. Prerequisites: ArtS 100. Enrollment limit: 10. Preference given to Art majors who have not completed ArtS 257 and to those non-majors who have been bumped from ArtS 255, 256 or 257 in the past.