BIOL 305(F) Evolution (Q)

This course offers a critical analysis of contemporary concepts and controversies in evolution. We focus on the relation of evolutionary mechanisms (e.g., selection, drift, and migration) to long term evolutionary patterns (e.g., evolutionary innovations, origin of major groups, and the emergence of diversity). Topics include micro-evolutionary models, natural selection and adaptation, evolution and development, speciation, and the inference of evolutionary history. Format: lecture/discussion, three hours per week. Evaluation will be based on problem sets and worksheets, two examinations, and independent research paper using phylogenetic inference, and a literature review essay. 85% of the final grade is determined by performance on written exercises and examinations. 15% on participation in discussions. Prerequisites: Biology 202. Enrollment limit: 36 (expected: 24). Preference given to Biology majors. Satisfies distribution requirement in major.

Hour: D.C. SMITH