CHEM 155(F) Current Topics in Chemistry (Q)

This course provides a foundation in chemistry for those students who are anticipating professional study in chemistry, related sciences, or one of the health professions, as well as for those students who are interested in exploring the fundamental ideas of chemistry as part of their general education. This course is designed for those students with strong preparation in secondary school chemistry and will focus on topics in physical and inorganic chemistry and their practical applications, providing a foundation for advanced study in these areas. Topics include chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, structure and bonding, coordination chemistry, electrochemistry and spectroscopy and their application to fields such as materials science, industrial, environmental, biological, and medicinal chemistry. Laboratory work includes synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of coordination complexes, electrochemical analysis, and molecular modeling. Format: lecture, three hours per week; laboratory, four hours per week. Evaluation will be based on quantitative weekly problem set assignments, laboratory work and reports, hour tests, and a final exam. Prerequisites: placement exam administered during First Days and permission of instructor. No enrollment limit (expected: 12).