CHEM 361(F) Physical Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics

This course integrates a number of physical chemistry topics. An introduction to quantum mechanics provides students with the basis for understanding molecular structure. Statistical mechanics is then used to demonstrate the formal and quantitative link between the properties of single molecules and the thermodynamic and kinetic behavior of macroscopic collections of molecules. Rate laws, molecular dynamics, and transport properties are discussed. Applications of these principles are chosen from a variety of areas, including polymer chemistry, biochemistry, photochemistry, and solid and liquid state chemistry. Quantitative laboratory experiments and consultation with the scientific literature provide the background necessary for carrying out an independent theoretical or experimental project. Format: lecture, three hours per week; laboratory, four hours per week. Evaluation will be based on problem sets, laboratory work, two exams, and an independent project. Prerequisites: Chemistry 155 or 256. No enrollment limit (expected: 10).