CLGR 201(F) Intermediate Greek

Reading of selections from Hesiod and from Plato, combined with grammar review. The primary goal of this course is to develop fluency in reading Greek. We will also read the texts closely to explore important continuities and changes in Greek culture between the archaic and classical periods. The emphasis will vary from year to year, but possible subjects to be explored include: the education and socialization of the community's children and young adults; religion and cult practices; the performative aspects of epic (and choral) poetry and of prose genres like oratory and the philosophical dialogue; traditional oral poetry and storytelling and the growth of literacy; the construction of woman, of man; the development of the classical polis. Format: recitation/discussion. Evaluation will be based on classroom participation, quizzes, tests, and a final exam. Prerequisites: Greek 101-102 or two years of Greek in secondary school. Enrollment limit: 12 (expected: 5-10).