CSCI 105(F,S) Understanding the Web: Technologies and Techniques (Q)

This course will enable students to understand the technology that underlies the World Wide Web and provide them with the skills needed to effectively use this new medium. The course introduces techniques for creating hypermedia documents on the web. Students will learn the basics of HTML, the formatting language used to author World Wide Web documents, and a subset of Java, a language that can be used to add interactive elements to web pages. The technology that makes the Web possible is developing as rapidly as its use is growing. New facilities are introduced frequently. Web "standards" are evolving in several directions simultaneously as vendors introduce competing proposals. Accordingly, rather than simply learning how to use the Web as it is today, we will also examine the fundamental technologies that make the Web possible. These include digital encoding techniques, computer network organization, communication protocols and encryption systems. This material will leave students prepared to understand future possibilities for, and obstacles to, the development of the Internet. Format: lecture/laboratory. Evaluation will be based on homework, laboratory work and examinations. 55% of a student's final grade will be determined by performance on examinations. Prerequisites: Mathematics 100/101/102 (or demonstrating proficiency in the Quantitative Studies diagnostic test-see catalog under Mathematics). This course is not open to students who have successfully completed a Computer Science course numbered 136 or above. Enrollment limit: 60 (expected: 40).

Hour: First Semester: LERNER Second Semester: MURTAGH