CSCI 134(F,S) Introduction to Computer Science (Q)

More than the processor inside, it is the software running on a computer that determines the machine's behavior and usefulness. In this course, students will learn principles of design, implementation, and testing of object-oriented programs. Using the Java programming language, we will cover fundamental concepts including classes, objects, message sending, control structures, arrays, files, and event-driven programming, as well as providing an introduction to concurrency. Through the study of these topics, students will learn both to construct programs of their own and to understand the capabilities and limitations of existing software. Format: lecture/laboratory. Evaluation will be based on weekly programming assignments, two test programs, and midterm and final examinations. Prerequisites: Mathematics 100/101/102 (or demonstrating proficiency in the Quantitative Studies diagnostic test-see catalog under Mathematics). Previous programming experience is not required. Students with prior experience with object-oriented programming should discuss appropriate course placement with members of the department. Enrollment limit: 30 per section (expected: 25 per section).

Hour: First Semester: FREUND, WYMAN Second Semester: FREUND, LERNER