ENGL 142(F,S) Radio, Radio (W)

Radio, Radio is a seminar devoted to making and interpreting non-fiction audio. Using unobtrusive recording technology we will learn to do field recording, interviews, and post-production editing. We will use this process to ask fundamental questions about the media, the functions of stories, and our relation to the world. How do we identify worthwhile stories? When does an editor's manipulation become unethical or untrue? We will aim to vest our answers to these questions in the form and content of our audio work. We will also spend considerable time critiquing student work. Critical readings in media theory, radio history, and cultural history will be assigned. Format: seminar. Requirements: students must attend three specially arranged evening labs in audio acquisition and editing. Assignments will include several short written exercises; an editing assignment using found footage; and the production of several short audio essays. Students will occasionally be required to work in teams. No prerequisites. Enrollment limit: 12 per section (expected: 12 per section). Preference given to first-year students, and then to sophomores, English majors, and junior/senior non-majors. Two sections.