ENGL 309(F) Medieval Women Writers (Same as Comparative Literature 309 and Women's and Gender Studies 309)

This class will examine works from a wide range of genres written by women in medieval Europe from the tenth through the fifteenth centuries. The writers we will consider are among the finest storytellers, lyric poets, playwrights, composers, and social commentators of the middle ages. Their work employs surprising degrees of boldness and wit to interrogate issues of identity, power, desire, and artistic vision, while pushing against the limitations of gender, religion, and literary convention. Readings for the course include fin'amors lyrics by the female troubadors, the letters of Heloise to Abelard, the Lais of Marie de France, Christine de Pisan's Book of the City of Ladies, The Book of Margery Kempe, and selections from the works of Hrosvitha of Gandersheim, Hildegard of Bingen and others. Format: discussion/seminar. Requirements: active class participation, two 5- to 7-page papers, and a final exam. Prerequisites: a 100-level English course, except 150. Enrollment limit: 25 (expected: 20) (Pre-1700)

Hour: ROSS