ENGL 348(F) Faulkner and His Influence

William Faulkner was a great writer in two ways. First, he was the most interesting formal innovator of all the novelists of American modernism (as in The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying). Second, he was a strange and provocative theorist of race (as in Go Down, Moses and Absalom, Absalom!). We shall consider both of these dimensions of Faulkner, and what they have to do with each other. Then we shall take up one or more novelists in the Faulkner tradition. Format: seminar. Requirements: one 5- to 8-page paper and one 8- to 10-page paper. Prerequisites: a 100-level English course, except 150. Enrollment limit: 25 (expected: 25). (Post-1900)