ENGL 385(F) Advanced Fiction Workshop: Form and Technique

An advanced class for students with experience writing fiction and some understanding of the basics of plot, character, setting, and scene. We'll look closely at underlying structures and techniques-how a story's significant elements are chosen, ordered, and arranged; how the story is shaped; how, by whom, and to what purpose it's told. First we'll study published work, largely by contemporary North American writers and including stories in both traditional and unusual forms. In informal work journals, we'll investigate those stories by writing annotations (short, informal analyses of a story's structure and narrative strategies) and imitations (stories or fragments that mimic the forms and techniques of other stories). Then we'll use those forms and techniques to write complete stories, which we'll discuss in workshop and then revise. Format: discussion class/workshop. Requirements: active participation in workshop; weekly brief written responses in a work journal; one polished annotation (2-3 pp); one revised complete story. Prerequisites: English 283 or 384 (Introductory or Advanced Fiction Workshop), or permission of instructor. Enrollment limit: 12 (expected: 12).