ENGL 434(F) William Blake

In this course we will study the illuminated works of the poet and printmaker William Blake. Our texts will include Songs of Innocence and Experience, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Visions of the Daughters of Albion, America, Europe, and Jerusalem, all of which we will read in facsimile editions. We will also read a range of historical and critical materials. Our discussions will attempt to articulate and explore the particular ways in which Blake's books challenge us as readers of literature, as consumers of cultural products, and as political thinkers. Format: discussion/seminar. Requirements: frequent informal short writing assignments, one 5-page, and one longer (10-15) paper, preceded by conference. Prerequisites: one 300-level English course or permission of instructor. Enrollment limit: 15 (expected: 15). (1700-1900 or Criticism)