HIST 201(F) Modern African History*

Historian Ali Mazrui has proposed that there are four "African denials": denials of African history, African science African poetry and African philosophy. This course explores these aspects of modern African history and other denials or points of contention, including African sexualities. We examine the economic, political, social and cultural forces that shaped Africa in the modern era, and continue to influence the lives of people into the new millennium. We trace the incorporation of Africa into the expanding world economy with the shift from the transatlantic slave trade to "legitimate commerce," through colonial rule to and through independence-including the ways in which Africans resisted, or tried to harness, colonialism for their own purposes. We explore the rise of nationalism, pan-Africanism, and challenges and achievements of post-colonial societies. Format: lecture/discussion. Evaluation based on "Resident Expert" reports and class presentations, pop quizzes and two essays. No prerequisites. No enrollment limit (expected: 30). Open to all. Group C