HIST 281(F) African-American History, 1619-1865*

This course provides an introduction to the history of the first two and a half centuries of the experience of African Americans in colonial America and the United States. Economically, culturally, and politically, African Americans had a profound effect on the historical landscape of this nation. The experience of slavery necessarily dominates this history and it is the contours and nuances of slavery that give this course its focus. We will explore the influence of African culture on early America, the role of gender in the American slave labor system, the development of racial classification in North America, and the cultural and intellectual significance of the abolitionist movement. Our readings will include primary sources and secondary literature. Class meetings will combine lecture and discussion. Informed participation in class discussion is essential. Format: discussion/lecture. Evaluation will be based on short papers, a midterm exam, a final exam, brief in-class writing assignments, and class participation. No prerequisites. No enrollment limit (expected: 20-25). Groups A and D

Hour: LONG