LATS 105(F) Latina/o Identities: Constructions, Contestations, and Expressions (Same as INTR 105)*

What, or who, is a Hispanic or Latina/o? This course examines this question by exploring the diversity of the populations referred to by these terms, as well as the complex nature of "identity." Viewing identities as historically and socially constructed, we begin with a brief assessment of how racial, ethnic, class, and gendered identities take shape in the Hispanic Caribbean and Latin America. We then examine the impact of migration and the rearticulation of identities in the United States. Identity is also a contested terrain. As immigrants and migrants arrive, United States' policymakers, the media, and others seek to define the "newcomers" along with long-term Latina/o citizens. At the same time, Latinas/os rearticulate, live, assert, and express their own sense of identities. We conclude the course with an exploration of those many and diverse expressions. Format: discussion. Evaluation will be based on class participation, several short writing assignments (1-2 pages), and three short papers (5-7 pages). No prerequisites. Enrollment limit : 25. Preference given to senior Latina/o Studies concentrators and then first-year students and sophomores.

Hour: JOTTAR and RUA