MATH 105(F,S) Multivariable Calculus (Q)

Applications of calculus in mathematics, science, economics, psychology, the social sciences, involve several variables. This course extends calculus to several variables: vectors, partial derivatives, multiple integrals. There is also a unit on infinite series, sometimes with applications to differential equations. This course is the right starting point for students who have seen differentiation and integration before. Students with the equivalent of advanced placement of AB 4, BC 3 or above should enroll in Mathematics 105. Format: lecture. Evaluation will be based primarily on homework, quizzes, and/or exams. Prerequisites: Mathematics 104 or equivalent, such as satisfactory performance on an Advanced Placement Examination. No enrollment limit (expected: 45).

Hour: First Semester: BURGER, SUSSKIND Second Semester: LOEPP, SUSSKIND