NSCI 401(F) Topics in Neuroscience

Neuroscientists explore issues inherent in the study of brain and behavior. The overall objective of this seminar is to create a culminating senior experience in which previous course work in specific areas in the Neuroscience Program can be brought to bear in a synthetic, interdisciplinary approach to understanding complex problems. The specific goals for students in this seminar are (1) to evaluate original research and critically examine the experimental evidence for theoretical issues, and (2) to gain an understanding of this discipline through group work, and oral presentations. Topics and instructional formats will vary somewhat from year to year, but in all cases the course will emphasize an integrative approach in which students will be asked to consider topics from a range of perspectives including molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral and clinical neuroscience. Previous topics have included memory, autism, depression, alcoholism, language development, and stress. Format: student-led discussions and presentations, three hours a week. Evaluation will be based on presentations, participation in class discussion, and a term paper. Prerequisites: open only to seniors in the Neuroscience program. Enrollment limit: 24 (expected: 10). This course is required of all senior students in the Neuroscience program.