RLFR 103(F) Intermediate French

The first semester of intermediate French continues and enhances the language skills begun in French 101-102. Greater emphasis is placed on the integration of vocabulary and grammatical structures into meaningful contexts so as to expand reading and comprehension as well as written and oral self expression. The course joins the development of written and oral skills to a review of significant aspects of French grammar, which are now studied in greater depth and used with greater understanding. Francophone cultures will be presented through the reading of short literary and journalistic texts, the screening of films, and the analysis of other cultural realia. Conducted in French. Format: class meets for four hours a week and includes a mandatory language laboratory component. Requirements: class participation, oral class presentations, short papers, exams, and quizzes. Prerequisites: French 101-102 or examination placement. Enrollment limit: 20 (expected: 20). NOTE: Students should seriously consider taking French 103 AND 104 if they intend to enroll in more advanced French courses at the level of French 105 or above.