RLFR 312(F) Between the Two World Wars

The period from 1913 to 1939 was an adventurous time for the French novel. In this course, we will study novels by Gide, Proust, Colette, Camus, Martin du Gard, Mauriac, Malraux, and Sartre. Although there is great diversity among these authors, they were all reacting to the aftermath of the First World War and the breakdown of traditional French culture. Through the popular character of the rebellious adolescent, they experimented with revolt against the stifling social order of Church and family. The real challenge of the period, however, concerned not a break with the past or discoveries of new levels of consciousness and freedom, but rather the mature acceptance of responsibility for the future and the articulation of fresh spiritual and political visions. Conducted in French. Requirements: several short papers and oral class presentations. Prerequisites: any French literature course or permission of the instructor.

Hour: DUNN