SOC 101(F,S) Invitation to Sociology

An introduction to sociological analysis. The course focuses on the relationship of individual men and women to the social world and introduces students to systematic institutional analysis. Students will explore the intersection of biography, history, culture, and social structure as seen in the work of classical and contemporary social thinkers, including Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Veblen, Simmel, and Goffman. Special consideration will be given to the social and cultural problems of capitalism, rationality and irrationality in modern institutions and organizations, the psychological dilemmas facing the individual in modern society, and the problem of social order and conflict. Format: lecture/discussion. Requirements: a take-home midterm exam, a class presentation and a final. No prerequisites. Expected enrollment: 30. Preference given to first-year students and sophomores.

Hour: First Semester: ERIKSON Second Semester: STANCZAK