THEA 401(F) Advanced Project in Theatre

To complete the degree in theatre, majors are required to complete an independent project for their senior year, either in fall (Theatre 401) or in the spring (Theatre 402). In the fall of the junior year, students should propose several possible projects to the Department, which may or may not include a production component. By the end of the fall semester in the junior year, final proposals should be submitted for consideration by the Department. Collaborative projects between two or more seniors are preferable. A collaborative project involving the entire class is also a possibility, and this should be discussed with the Chair of the Department early in the junior year. The schedule in the junior year for proposals for the senior theatre project is: 1) Initial, BRIEF proposals (several per student) submitted to the Department by October 16. 2) Proposals reviewed by the Department and returned to the students for revision by November 1. 3) Final proposals submitted by students to the Department by December 1. Format: seminar/production. Prerequisites: Theatre 301. Enrollment limited to senior Theatre majors (expected: 7-12).