Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


COMP 107(F) Greek Literature (Same as Classics 101)

COMP 111(F,S) The Nature of Narrative (Same as English 120) (W)

COMP 117(F) Introduction to Cultural Theory (Same as English 117) (W)

COMP 201(F) The Hebrew Bible (Same as Classics 201, Jewish Studies 201 and Religion 201)

COMP 203 Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation (Same as Russian 203)

COMP220(F) Cultural Foundations: The Literature and History of Early China (Same as Chinese 224 and History 315)*

COMP 237(F) Gender and Desire 1200-1600 (Same as English 237 and Women's and Gender Studies 237) (W)

COMP 241(F) The African Novel (Same as English 241) (W)*

COMP 252(F) Modern Women Writers and the City (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 252)

COMP 255(F) Love and Death in Modern Japanese Fiction (Same as Japanese 255)*

COMP 257(F) Baghdad*

COMP 311(F) Freud and Kafka (Same as German 311)

COMP 357(F) Creolization in Hispanic and Anglophone Caribbean Literature (W)*

COMP 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

COMP 493(F)-031-494(S) Senior Thesis

COMP 497(F), 398(S) Independent Study


COMP 109(S) Greek and Roman Drama: Renewal and Transformation (Same as Classics 103 and Theatre 311)

COMP 111(F,S) The Nature of Narrative (Same as English 120) (W)

COMP 202(S) Modern Drama (Same as English 202 and Theatre 312)

COMP 206(S) The Book of Job and Joban Literature (Same as Classics 206, Jewish Studies 206 and Religion 206) (W)

COMP 210(S) The Politics of Language in the Literature and Culture of U.S. Latinas/os (Same as Latina/o Studies 240)*

COMP 223(S) Reading Films (Same as English 203)

COMP 232(S) European Modernism

COMP 235(S) China on Screen (Same as Chinese 235)*

COMP 244(S) Helen, Desire and Language (Same as Classics 224 and Women's and Gender Studies 224) (W)

COMP 250(S) Confession and Deception in Japanese Literature (Same as Japanese 256) (W)*

COMP 261(S) The Chrysanthemum and the Skyscraper: Japanese Theatre and its Contemporary Context (Same as Japanese 260)*

COMP 302T(S) Latino Writing: Literature by U.S. Hispanics (Same as Spanish 306T) (W)*

COMP 306(S) Tolstoy and His Age (Same as Russian 306)

COMP 312T(S) Writing Islands (Same as French 312T) (W)*

COMP 338(S) Theorizing Popular Culture: U.S. Latinas/os and the Dynamics of the Everyday (Same as Latina/o Studies 338)(W)*

COMP 342(S) Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Sexuality (Same as English 411 and Women's and Gender Studies 411)

COMP 351(S) Reading Africa: Gender and Sexuality (Same as English 351 and Women's and Gender Studies 351)*

COMP 358(S) Senior Seminar. Desperate Housewives and Extreme Makeovers: Novel Approaches to the Nineteenth-Century Novel (Same as French 408)

COMP 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

COMP 402(S) Migration and National Identity in Literature and Film: Europe and the Americas*

COMP 493(F)-031-494(S) Senior Thesis

COMP 497(F), 398(S) Independent Study


COMP 108 Roman Literature (Same as Classics 102) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 204 Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation (Same as Russian 204) (Not offered 2005-2006) (W)

COMP 205 The Latin-American Novel in Translation (Same as Spanish 205)* (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 208 Fatal Passions and Happy Fools: French Theater in the Age of Louis XIV (Same as French 208) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 211 From Voltaire to Nietzsche (Same as German 210) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 222 The Russian Short Story (Same as Russian 222) (Not offered 2005-2006) (W)

COMP 226 Comparative Drama: The Anti-Realist Impulse (Same as English 206 and Theatre 226) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 251T War in Modern Literature (W) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 253 Literature and the Body (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 260 Reading Reading: An Introduction to the Qur'an and Islam (Same as Religion 230) (Not offered 2005-2006) (W)*

COMP 304 Dante (Same as English 304) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 305 Dostoevsky and His Age (Same as Russian 305) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 319 Magic Realism (Same as English 339) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 322 Performance Criticism (Same as Comparative Literature 322T) (Not offered 2005-2006)(W)

COMP 329 Contemporary World Novel (Same as English 379) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 340 Literature and Psychoanalysis (Not offered 2005-2006) (W)

COMP 343 Modern Critical Theory (Same as English 373) (Not offered 2005-2006)

COMP 344 From Hermeneutics to Post-Coloniality (Same as Religion 304) (Not offered 2005-2006)*