Click here for summary information about Experiential Education at Williams. A complete description of each course may be found in the relevant department's section of this catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about a specific course involving experiential education from the instructor.


AMST 201(F,S) Introduction to American Studies

ARTH 201(F) American Landscape History

ARTH 508(S) Art and Conservation: An Inquiry into History, Methods and Materials

ARTS 306/PSCI 306(S) Practicing Feminism: A Study of Political Activism

ARTS 311/PSCI 337(S) Art and Justice

BIOL 225/ENVI 225(F) Natural History of the Berkshires

BIOL 302(S) Communities and Ecosystems

BIOL 402T(F) Topics in Ecology: Biological Resources

CLAS 103(S) Greek and Roman Drama: Renewal and Transformation

ENGL 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea (Williams/Mystic Program)

ENVI 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVI 302(F) Environmental Planning Workshop

ENVI 397(F) Independent Study of Environmental Problems

GEOS 105(F) Geology Outdoors

MAST 201(F,S) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 210(F,S) Oceanographic Processes (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 231(F,S) Marine Ecology (Same as Biology 231) (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 311(F,S) Marine Ecology

MAST 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Williams/Mystic Program)

MUS 234(S) Afro-Pop: Urban African Dance Music

PHIL 227(F) Death and Dying

PHYS 100(S) Physics of the Everyday

PHYS 109(F) Sound, Light and Perception

POEC 402(S) Political Economy of Public Policy Issues

PSYC 352(S) Clinical and Community Psychology

PSYC 372(F) Advanced Seminar in Teaching and Learning

WNY 301T(F) Fieldwork in New York (Williams in New York)

WNY 307(F) Arts and the City (Williams in New York)


ANSO 011 Berkshire Farm Internship

ANSO 012 Children and the Courts: Internship in the Crisis in Child Abuse

ARTH 015/ARTS 015/CHEM 015 Materials of the Artist: Uncovering Fakes and Forgeries

ARTH 024 Sarah Bernhardt in New York

ARTH 025 The Birth of the Modern: Art and Music in Vienna

ARTS 019 Pinhole Photography

ASTR 010/ENGL 010 Adventures Under the Dome: Communicating Astronomy

BIOL 013 Food: An Integrative Approach

BIOL 015/SPEC 020 Students Teaching AIDS to Students (STATS)

CHEM 011/SPEC 011 Science for Kids

CHEM 014 Emergency Medical Technician- Basic

CHEM 016 Glass and Glassblowing

ECON 019 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

ENVI 011/BIOL 011 Images of Greylock: Interpreting Landscape Change

ENVI 016 Got Maps? An Experiential Exploration of Maps and Mapmaking in Contemporary Life

GEOS 025 Caves and Karst Geology of Northern Spain

HIST 016 Genealogy

LEAD 018 Wilderness Leadership

LEAD 025 Hawaii, Before, During and After Pearl Harbor

LING 012 Preliminary Introduction to American Sign Language

MATH 016 Knitting: The Social History and Craft Form

MUS 015 Math and Music

MUS 025 Ghanaian Music, Dance and Textiles

PHIL 11 Aikido and Ethics

PHYS 013 Automotive Mechanics

PHYS 014 Electronics

PSCI 021 Fieldwork in Public and Private Non-Profits

PSCI 023 Experiential Learning

PSYC 010 Adventures in Disabilities

PSYC 011 The Exonerated

PSYC 016 Community Screening for Alzheimer's Disease

PSYC 017 Teaching Practicum

PSYC 018 Institutional Placement

REL 012 Yoga: A Mind-Body Connection

REL 025 Religion, Culture and Performance in Bali

REL 026 Explorations in Solidarity: a meeting of minds and hearts in Nicaragua

RLFR 011 Arabs on Atlantic Avenue: Arab-American Communities, Literature and Art

RUSS/SPEC 025 Williams in Georgia

SPEC 010 Quest for College: Early Awareness in Berkshire County Schools

SPEC 017 Printmaking on Ceramics

SPEC 019 Medical Apprenticeship

SPEC 024 Eye Care and Culture In Botswana

SPEC 028 Teaching Practica in the New York City Schools

SPEC 035 Making Pottery on the Potter's Wheel