Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


INTR 105(F) Latina/o Identities: Constructions, Contestations, and Expressions (Same as Latina/o Studies 105)*

INTR 107(F) Interpreting Human Experience (W)

INTR 165(F) Words and Music in the 60s and 70s (Same as English 243 and Music 112)

INTR 225(F) Natural History of the Berkshires (Same as Biology 225 and Environmental Studies 225)

INTR 259(F) Society, Culture and Disease

INTR 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study


INTR 222(S) Minds, Brains, and Intelligent Behavior An Introduction to Cognitive Science (Same as Cognitive Science 222, Philosophy 222 and Psychology 222) (Q)

INTR 292(S) What is Life? (Same as Religion 292)

INTR 307(S) Art and Justice (Same as ArtS 311 and Political Science 337) (W)

INTR 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study


INTR 160 Mathematical Politics: Voting, Power, and Conflict (Same as Mathematics 175) (Not offered 2005-2006) (Q)

INTR 242 Network Culture (Same as ArtH 268, ArtS 212 and Religion 289) (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 275 Real Fakes (Same as English 240 and Religion 282) (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 287 African Music: Interdisciplinary Studies (Same as Music 233 and African-American Studies 250) (Not offered 2005-2006)*

INTR 295 Order, Disorder and Political Culture in the Islamic World (Same as International Studies 101, and Political Science 241, and Religion 236) (Not offered 2005-2006)*

INTR 313 Reality (Same as Philosophy 313 and Religion 303) (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 314 Complexity (Same as Philosophy 354 and Religion 314) (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 315 Computational Biology (Same as Computer Science 315 and Physics 315) (Not offered 2005-2006) (Q)

INTR 320 Democracy: Prospects and Discontents (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 333 Money (Same as Religion 333) (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 371 Evolutionary Psychology (Same as Psychology 348) (Not offered 2005-2006)

INTR 405 Advanced Topics in Latina/o Studies: Latina/o Visual Culture-Histories, Identities, and Representation (Same as Latina/o Studies 464) (W) (Not offered 2005-2006)*