Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


AFR 200(F) Introduction to Africana Studies*
AFR 201(F) Modern and Contemporary African Art (Same as ArtH 200)*
AFR 220(F) Introduction to African American Writing (Same as American Studies 220 and English 220)*
AFR 222(F) Rhythm and Jazz in America, Brazil and Cuba (Same as Latina/o Studies 221 and Music 220)*
AFR 241(F) Performing Race: From Shakespeare to Spike Lee (Same as Comparative Literature 241 and Theatre 241)*
AFR 250(F) African Music: Interdisciplinary Studies (Same as INTR 287 and Music 233)*
AFR 252(F) Cultures and Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa (Same as Anthropology 252)*
AFR 256(F) Politics of Africa (Same as Political Science 256)*
AFR 281(F) African-American History, 1619-1865 (Same as History 281)*
AFR 286(F) Constructing Black Lives in Film and Literature (Same as Comparative Literature 286 and English 286)*
AFR 309(F) Anger, Voice and Violence in Black Women's Stories (Same as English 309 and Women's and Gender Studies 309)*
AFR 331(F) Sound and Movement in the Diaspora: Afro-Latin Identities (Same as American Studies 331, Latina/o Studies 331, Theatre 331, and Women and Gender Studies 331)*
AFR 367(F) Women Writing Africa (Same as Africana Studies 403, Comparative Literature 361, English 364 and Women's and Gender Studies 364) (W)*
AFR 403(F) Women Writing Africa (Same as Comparative Literature 361, English 364 and Women's and Gender Studies 364) (W)*
AFR 405(F) Malcolm X: A Life Reinvention Seminar (Same as History 405 and Political Science 303)
AFR 491(F)-W30, W30-492(S) Senior Project
AFR 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study


AFR 122(S) African-American Music (Same as Music 122)*
AFR 205(S) Picturing Race: From Early Modern Europe to Now (Same as ArtH 205)*
AFR 214(S) Arts of Africa (Same as ArtH 214)*
AFR 221(S) Rewriting Slavery (Same as English 221) (W)*
AFR 253(S) Popular Culture in Africa (Same as Anthropology 253)*
AFR 285(S) Religion in Black Film and Literature (Same as Comparative Literature 285, English 285 and Religion 229)*
AFR 377(S) Imagining Africa: The Politics of Representation (Same as Comparative Literature 347 and English 348) (W)*
AFR 400(S) Race, Gender, Space (Same as Comparative Literature 369, English 365, and Women's and Gender Studies 400)*
AFR 491(F)-W30, W30-492(S) Senior Project
AFR 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study


AFR 140 Revolutionary African Literature (Same as Comparative Literature 218 and English 250) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AFR 160 Defining the African Diaspora (Same as Comparative Literature 214 and English 251) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AFR 166 The Age of Washington and DuBois (Same as History 166) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)*
AFR 234 Afro-Pop: Urban African Dance Music (Same as Music 234) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AFR 255 Leadership in the Civil Rights Movement (Same as Leadership Studies 255) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AFR 260 South African and American Intersections (Same as Comparative Literature 258 and English 252) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AFR 282 African-American History From Reconstruction to the Present (Same as History 282) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AFR 300T Racial-Sexual Politics and Cultural Memory (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 415T) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)*
AFR 323T The Origins of Totalitarianism (Same as Philosophy 323T and Political Science 323T) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)*
AFR 410 Race, Culture, and Incarceration (Same as Political Science 302) (Not offered 2007-2008)*